Thanks to the connected world we offer specialist training to many organisations globally. Our trainers have gained extensive experience and expertise throughout their careers, and utilise this to engage with our learners productively through a multi-channel approach. We offer a tailored course framework and delivery to ensure the learners meet mutual objectives, and retain the information long after the course is over. The benefits of long-term investment in training are multifaceted and can lead both individuals and organisations to greater opportunity and growth. Our reputable trainers possess verifiable credentials and an impressive demonstrable track record that will add value through knowledge sharing to any organisation.

We offer a range of training courses which effectively administer security practices and procedures to people within organisations, embedding a culture of knowledge, resilience and practical skills.

Functional training will enable people to detect and react intelligently to potential incidents, as well as how to provide planned and embedded mitigation measures.

A business is only as safe as its people are, and therefore it is essential that staff within an organisation know how to prepare against and act during a possible security threat. Our training is delivered by expert consultants focusing on dedicated areas of security planning and management which help to preserve business continuity and reputation in the event of a major incident.

Our courses are listed below and are suitable for organisations looking to implement or sharpen their security strategies and procedures:


    This course covers the practical skills needed to make risk assessments effective, productive and focused. It will allow delegates to understand the stages of the risk assessment process and how to provide planned and embedded mitigation measures.


    To provide delegates with an overview of how the UK deals with crisis management and risk at the strategic level, using a multi-agency approach to create a new normality following a major incident.


    To provide a set of threat and vulnerability risk assessment tools for those in your organisation who are responsible for security and risk assessing.


    This course will give delegates all the tools they need to improve their business report writing skills. It focuses on the key elements of writing and presenting business reports including preparation and structure.


    This course will enable the delegates to learn the basic principles of leadership, and develop a range of practical skills and techniques to be able to effectively help people in their team perform and develop to the best of their own abilities.


    To provide forensic awareness training which will enable security officers and other related non-police staff to be conversant with the UK’s forensic best practice protocols in relation to how UK policing deals with crime scenes. There will be a particular focus on ‘first at scene’ knowledge and understanding.


    This course is aimed organisations of any size who may encounter an insider threat which will impact on their business deliverables. The course will allow attendees to assess the new knowledge against current business continuity plans and make recommendations as to whether they need further embedded or planned mitigation to counter any potential threats from within.


    This course is aimed at developing knowledge and understanding on what an active shooter event will involve and also provide delegates with the latest UK advice on how to take mitigating action if encountering such an incident. The course also covers business continuity planning and building in active shooter events as part of the risk analysis process.

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